using art to create a sustainable planet for all with elaine su-hui


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with the world falling into chaos, it always lightens my heart to find artists and women like elaine. elaine is a rebel of the highest cause: rising up against the worst parts of a capitalist economy to bring about a more sustainable, peaceful life for all.

elaine’s studio, inner fields, is founded on the principles of deep ecology and buddhism. inner fields has two key wings: on one side are elaine’s prints, pigment drawings and works on paper; on the other side are her hosted listening and drawing communal events.

in all that she does, elaine brings sincerity, intention, awareness and love. as life seems to be getting busier, anxiety levels are rising and loneliness is at an all-time high, elaine is helping ease the pain and suffering of others through the use of natural materials, art that awakens, and “ephemeral art projects” that create community, connection, and change.

some things we talk about:

  • creating a sustainable art business in an unsustainable economy
  • using creativity to craft your own path and create your own way forward
  • art making that supports the world, the planet and the people on it
  • the philosophies that govern everything: her art, her work, and her life
  • dealing with doubt and fear as you step into all that you desire

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