when death leads to art and art leads to life with Mati Rose


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Mati was 18 months old when her father died in a car accident. He was an artist, a woodcarver.

As Mati got older, she made a lot of art but making art was hard because it reminded her of death. And then when Mati was 29, she went to art school and she gave her life to art. Mati got an agent. She wrote and illustrated children’s books. She started a blog and built an online following.

Today, Mati leads workshops all over the world, her books include Daring Adventures in Paint and Painting the Sacred Within, she has over ten online courses, and her original art can be found in private collections around the world.

Art is no longer about death for Mati. Art is what makes Mati come fully alive.
Some things we talk about:

  • losing her dad at 18 months old and her grandma when she was five
  • going back to art school at 29
  • building trust in her own voice
  • getting started in the art world and creating an art career

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