when everything is wrong, start over with lisa hsieh


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Lisa Hsieh was a clothing designer before she was a mom. She made clothes that looked good on thin people, slit maxi skirts and crop tops, clothes that were crisp, clean, and sharp —conditioned by the fashion industry that she had worked in for a decade.

Then she became a mama and everything changed. It was time to let go of all that had come before and leap into something she’d never done: designing and launching a sustainable clothing line for women that wasn’t about making clothes that defined who a person is but rather clothes that allow the person to be who they already are.

In this conversation some of things we talk about her struggles, and successes, as a mama, a wife, and an entrepreneur, launching, and growing, a business from nothing, sustainable fashion vs. fast fashion, what Taiwan and the States taught her about humility, confidence, and how to be a business owner and making money: the truth behind what it takes to create a successful business.

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