Snail tales in 'the love shack'


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This week the critter shed becomes 'the love shack' as we delve into the sensuous, sumptuous and scintillating love lives of SNAILS!
We hear how giant African land snails smooch and snog their way through courtship, and then shoot actual LOVE DARTS (be still my beating heart) during coitus. AND how they have enviable staying power.
Also, these snails are just gorgeous, wonderfully adapted animals. If you haven't fallen in love with them by the end of this episode, we'll give you your money back. Or something.
Let's all swoon for snails.
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Presented by Collie Ennis and Colette Kinsella, and with several hundred snails.
Produced by Colette Kinsella for Red Hare Media.

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