S3E13 World Champs with Nikki Brammeier, Nys, Pidcock, Kay, Richards, Mason, Couzens, McGuire


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Wowzers what a mega show… what a mega lineup!...

In Episode 13 of Season 3, Neil, Matt and Bruce are joined by Nikki Brammeier in the studio where they review the World Championships that came from Dubendorf in Switzerland. They review all of the races, and also ponder whether riders would be better motivated if they were awarded goodie bags for participating. They chat through the issues with the course, and for spectators, and how it changed from day to day.

They join Ben Goddard On The Ground, who chats with the legend Sven Nys, and future legends Millie Couzens, Rory McGuire, Cameron Mason and Evie Richards. Matt dives into the pits with the two British podium finishers Anna Kay and Tom Pidcock.

The most important competition of the year is of course… who is the best at predicting the winners - did you do any better?

In the Laatste Ronde, they look forward to the recently announced world cups for 2020-2021 to question whether this is really 'world' at all and hear views from Sven Nys. And finally they preview the end of the DVV and Superprestige series with Nikki and Bruce, who have both raced all of the key venues in recent years.

...and do you reckon that Ida Brammeier can follow the example of Thibault Nys in following their parents to cyclocross stardom? 😁


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