Episode #156 - Reflect, Readjust and Rebook


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Welcome to episode #156!

This is a different kind of show today.

Like you, we are still taking in all of this. The Coronavirus has hit the cruise and travel industry hard, bringing it to a standstill, and affecting millions of people around the world.

It is all quite unprecedented and so much has happen and so quickly, the last few days we wanted to share with you the latest cruise and travel news.

We also want to share how this has impacted us personally and our outlook on all of this.

Finally, we want to encourage you. Look towards the future and rebook your cancelled cruises, book new cruises, and keep dreaming of your future adventures.

This is not the end of cruising, rather, this is just a time of readjustment so that our communities and our world returns back to health.

Keep On Cruising!

Tommy & Scott

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