Secrets of an altcoin trader - Why the altcoin market cycle is a pure expression of human emotion


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The Bitcoin price has risen 300% in 2019 but the long-suffering altcoin markets have not been able to keep pace. Earlier this month, while BTC was in a range, we started to see some altcoin moves. ETH, Stellar and Dodge all made gains in USD and BTC terms. Is there an alt window opening? What are the chances of a Q4 alt season? When is the point of maximum opportunity and minimum risk for altcoins? Can Bitcoin lead a market-wide recovery? Or is there simply more pain to come?

Altcoin trader, crypto market researcher, author, and analyst Nik Patel provides his assessment of the crypto markets and where we are in the wider altcoin market cycle.

Key takeaway

Trading altcoins is extremely risky but it can be profitable. Due to the varied trading experience and diverse nature of global market participants, the altcoin markets are a hyper volatile expression of pure human emotion.

Why you should listen

Learn why Nik is short term bearish on BTC and why he thinks an alt season may be on the cards for Q4 2019. Nik discusses his website, his research process, the book he published in 2018, An Altcoin Trader’s Handbook, and he reflects on the importance of security and what he learned after a significant portfolio loss due to a hack.

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