Startup Nation - Israel's tech culture, Dapps are doomed, and can blockchain solve corruption?


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Tal Kol is the co-founder of Orbs, a public blockchain for enterprise. Tal is a veteran of Israel’s 8200 unit, a military intelligence agency comprised of the smartest 18 - 21 year-olds in Israel. Alumni of the unit have been unusually successful in the global startup scene. Tal believes that the Dapp model is flawed, that Dapps can’t compete with their centralized counterparts, and that public blockchains should work with enterprise to build out Web 3.0.

Key takeaway:

Tal says the 8200 unit is a tech incubator and it’s one of the reasons why Israel is a global technology innovator. Learn why Tal says public blockchains for Dapps such as Ethereum, Tezos, EOS, and Cosmos will not succeed and nor will private, permissioned blockchains such as Corda and Hyperledger. Instead, Tal thinks that public blockchains that help enterprise is the only model that makes sense.

Why you should listen:

Tal has some extremely insightful things to say about human nature, power, corruption, and how blockchain can help. Does blockchain have a role to play in the Israeli Palestine conflict? In the Crypto Conversation hot take round, we get deep - Tal says that the global populace and the 1% have a different understanding of governance, power, and how the world really works. Everything is up for manipulation, and nothing can be trusted because power corrupts - can blockchain help? Finally, Tal explains why the laws of physics suggest that in the future as humans start to expand beyond Earth - we will inevitably split into different races and end up at war with each other across the universe.

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