#174 TRUMP Token: Making money with re-election?


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My name is Dr Julian Hosp or simply Julian.

I combine my knowledge from 10 years pro kitesurfing, 7 years medicine, many years as an entrepreneur, bestselling author, speaker and blockchain expert.

I come from an average family living in Tyrol, Austria in the middle of the mountains. At the age of 16 I decided to move to the USA to play basketball - this was the first time I decided to go against mainstream opinion.

When I told my family that after my studies (during which time I've been a pro kitesurfer for 10 years) I stopped working as a doctor and moved to Asia to start my own business, they were not thrilled (as you might imagine).

My talent is to explain complicated things in a simple way.

My vision is that by 2025 at least 1 billion people will know and understand Blockchain through me.

My mission is to make the world #CRYPTOFIT so that people are prepared for the coming wave of decentralization.

Millions of people have already used my materials and products and I would be happy if you were one of them

Your Julian

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