Age of Sigmar Tactica & 40K 9th Ed Preview Discussion- Episode 52


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We start the episode with a bit of a blooper…Dan forgot to start the recorder again! Then it’s time to get those models and dice dusted off! We offer a Sigmar Tactica this episode, with Brendan advising on about a dozen topics…including Retreat, Objectives and Winning the Activation Wars. Lots of great insight, that will be a review for some, but valuable food for thought for many of you. We also continue with our rules review; this time we discuss Command Points and Allies. 40K is also on the docket is a discussion of some of the goodies (rules and models) that GW has showed off so far for 9th Edition.

Just a heads up…Brendan will probably not be joining us for Episode 53. He is having construction issues with his home. We spoke about the episode, and decided to move forward in spite of his absence. In addition to our regular show segments, we plan on some 40K wish listing and predictions with a couple of 40K fanboys who we are hoping will be regular crew members in the future. Even if you are a Sigmar fanatic, it should be an interesting, and certainly informative, discussion.

Thank you for joining us. We truly appreciate your support. Stay safe, stay healthy. Enjoy the show!

3:21 Whispers From The Warp
23:38 The Emperor Lies
23:38 40K 9th Edition Previews Discussion

34:53 Sigmar Command Points & Allies Rules Review
41:51 Age of Sigmar Tactica Part I
1:12:43 Age of Sigmar Tactica Part II
1:39:16 Scriptorium
1:47:10 This or That
1:58:30 Show Close
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