Dan Goes To Brew City III With Brendan and Jacob Berry – Episode 50


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It’s Episode 50, and we journey to the realm of the impossible…Brew City III is alive and well at the Cube! Brendan and crazy man Jacob Berry have taken the time to crunch the numbers and unravel ancient tomes to give a look at the tournament that might have been. Dan will bring his 2500 points of Tzeentch foolishness, then Brendan and Jacob will run his list against a simulated array of opponents straight from actually lists submitted for the event. The guys will provide commentary and insight, and call each game as they see it based on their experience in the tournament scene. It is an educational and fun exercise, and we think you will find it of interest. We also “review the preview” and give our thoughts on GW Preview III. Finally, Jacob makes This or That a part of the show you won’t want to miss!

Thank you for joining us. We truly appreciate your support. Stay safe, stay healthy, and we hold to the belief that “this too shall pass.” Enjoy the show!

2:04 Whispers From The Warp
27:51 The Emperor Lies
27:51 GW Preview Part III
45:04 Brew City III – Day 1
1:19:58 Brew City III – Day 2
1:49:25 Scriptorium
1:59:04 This or That
2:12:38 Show Close

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