40K 9th Edition Wading Pool & Sigmar Missing Terrain Pieces – Episode 53


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Of course, as this episode goes to print, the news about Generals Handbook 2020 drops! It’s just a couple of weeks away, and we will be on it soon after arrival. In the meantime, Dan is joined by the Basement of Death godfather, and Playin’ and Slayin’ editor in chief, Troy. Troy and I, both certified 40K fanboys, do a “deeper” dive into the rules reveals and some models for the soon-to-arrive 9th Edition. Just what we have seen shows that this will change the game of 40k fundamentally, and we believe in a positive way. Even you Sigmar fanboys should find the discussion interesting, as you never know what aspects of either game will port over into the other. And hey, we all share a love for those awesome miniatures, so give it a listen. Brendan should be returning to the show next episode (his dungeon reconstruction project is wrapping up), and friend Brice will be joining us for Episode 54, as we crack open the shiny new Lunineth Realmlords Battletome!

Thank you for joining us. We truly appreciate your support. Stay safe, stay healthy. Enjoy the show!

3:14 Whispers From The Warp
34:09 The Emperor Lies
34:09 Age of Sigmar Missing Terrain Pieces
37:44 40K 9th Edition Rules Wading Pool – Part I
1:15:19 40K 9th Edition Rules Wading Pool – Part II
1:40:17 Scriptorium
1:58:46 This or That
2:08:20 Show Close
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