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Welcome to The Curb. A show that's all about Culture, Unity, Reviews, and Banter. On this show, you'll find themed episodes under the following banners: Not A Knife - all things culture are encompassed in this monthly episode. Find everything from interviews with people who work at NASA, to discussions about life and music. In short, anything that's... Not a Knife. Round About - this is where you'll find all things political. With round about discussions about what's going on in Australian politics, and at times, politics from around the world. Context Sensitive - taken from the great Conkers Bad Fur Day game, Context Sensitive is about the inner workings of games and a dig into the actions caused by a simple button press. Up Down Under - a monthly episode that explores culture from all around the world. Each month, a new guest will bring a cultural item from their part of the world to discuss, while Andrew brings a cultural item from Australia to talk about. And... The Last New Wave - the return of the show dedicated to Australian cinema. Find interviews with Aussie filmmakers, discussions about Aussie films, and more on this periodical. Head over to for more information on each show. Proudly part of the Auscast Network.

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