BTS #51 Alisia Ratliff on Extraction and Testing Lab Design, Quality and Safety, Sustainability


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In this behind-the-scenes episode we sit down with Alisia Ratliff of Victus Capital Ventures to talk all about the development of sustainable and equitable Cannabis extraction and testing laboratories! Alisia shares stories from her journey pivoting into the Cannabis industry after working as a chemist in other industries. We talk about the challenges of building out a Cannabis lab, what it takes for a company to be both sustainable and equitable, and Alisia shares some of the unique issues she has had to deal with as a woman of color in the industry as well as disparities that she and her husband have witnessed first-hand.

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About Alisia:

Alisia Ratliff, the CEO of Victus Capital Ventures and licensed project management professional, is a technical conference speaker, esteemed author, and ambitious entrepreneur. Holding a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of North Florida and possessing over fourteen years of leadership experience expanding over several industries; Alisia uses a breadth of technical knowledge to guide investors’ company start up endeavors. She effectively manages technical and executive teams cross-departmentally to success while simultaneously overseeing all cannabis business operations including but not limited to supply chain, manufacturing, laboratory operations and product formulation. Alisia’s unique leadership style and perseverance to overcome adversity has defined her professional purpose. She strives to advise her clients on what not to do in the early stages of their project, help them avoid repeating failed business models and implement sustainable business strategies no matter the ever-changing regulatory environment and marketplace.

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