US National Security Advisor to be replaced. Stealth Falcon’s new backdoor. DDoS, social engineering investigations proceed. Exfiltrating an agent. Patch Tuesday notes.


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John Bolton is out as US National Security Advisor. A new backdoor is attributed to Stealth Falcon. Wikipedia’s DDoS attack remains under investigation. So does a business email compromise at Toyota Boshoku and a raid on the Oklahoma Law Enforcement Retirement Services. Vulnerable web radios get patches. The US is said to have exfiltrated a HUMINT asset from Russia in 2017. Microsoft patches 79 vulnerabilities, 17 of them rated critical. Michael Sechrist from Booz Allen Hamilton on the spillover of geopolitical issues into cyber security. Guest is Ashish Gupta from Bugcrowd on the economics of hacking and the adoption of ethical hacking.

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