Hacking the UN. Avast closes Jumpshot over privacy uproar. Facebook settles a biometric lawsuit. Data exposures, a LiveRamp compromise, and more newly aggressive ransomware.


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UN agencies in Geneva and Vienna were successfully hacked last summer in an apparent espionage campaign. Avast shuts down its Jumpshot data analysis subsidiary and resolves to stick to its security last. Facebook reaches a preliminary, $550 million settlement in a privacy class-action lawsuit. SpiceJet and Sprint suffer data exposures. LiveRamp was compromised for ad fraud. And Russia blocks ProtonMail and StartMail. Caleb Barlow from Cynergistek on the business impact of ransomware on a hospital. Guest is Matthew Doan, cyberecurity policy fellow at New America, discussing his recent recent Harvard Business Review article “Companies Need to Rethink What Cybersecurity Leadership Is.”

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