Glory and Strength: Keeping the Faith Through Loss with Nate Edmonds


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The death of a spouse is something that's almost impossible to comprehend. How can you go on without the love of your life? How do you survive without the mother of your children? Going through this life-altering loss can cause a man to question his faith and wonder if he will ever find happiness again.

Today’s guest is Nate Edmonds. He is a musician, worship leader, and author of More Than All the Glories. Nate’s story is brutally tragic. He was living his dream as a touring musician with his wife, Dana. Life couldn’t get any better, when they had two kids, until Dana was suddenly taken from him by an aggressive cancer.

Nate talks frankly about being tested, not only as a husband and father, but also as a spiritual leader. He tells the heartbreaking story of Dana’s last days, and how he and his children tapped into their faith to survive. He also reveals how he fought through the darkness and rebuilt his life and his family to live in a happiness he has never known.

Nate's story is a testament to the power of faith in the face of devastation and grief. Don't miss this powerful interview.

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