Imposter Syndrome: Defeating Your Inner Bully with Dr. Jamie Hope


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Every year, we envision a new future and set goals to become who we really want to be. Why is it that more often than not, we never get very far?

If we pay close attention, we can hear a taunting voice, an inner bully who says, “You can’t do that. Who do you think you are? You’re not worthy or deserving. You’re a fake, a fraud, and a loser.” Meet Imposter Syndrome, and we all deal with it.

Today we have Dr. Jaime Hope on the show. She’s an Emergency Medicine Physician, Wellness Expert, Teacher, Speaker, and Author. Jaime tells us how to notice when Impostor Syndrome is creeping up and how we can shut that bully down. She gives us tools to build resilience against our own negative voices and create a new vision of ourselves. Jaime also reveals how to deal with times of stress by connecting the pain with our vision and purpose. Most importantly, she gives us examples of how we can “program” our kids to have built-in protection against imposter syndrome.

Get ready to defeat that inner bully once and for all!

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