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Are you living your authentic life? What if you have everything that’s supposed to make you happy and you’re still miserable?

On today’s show, we have Dad Edge Alliance member and everyday dad, Josh Long. Josh had a very successful 16-year career that he hated. He was so hungry for significance in his life, that he threw himself into volunteering for his community. He eventually ran for city council and won. Everything looked very admirable on the outside, but inside he was dying.

Josh was overcommitted and stressed. He began to rely on alcohol to cope. His marriage was in crisis, and he started investing emotionally in another woman. He was living a life of quiet desperation, until he took a hard look at what he was giving his time and energy to and realized he was living for the wrong reasons.

Listen to how Josh saved his marriage, became a better father, and started living a life according to his true values.

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