No Bad Kids: The Psychology of Toddler Parenting with Janet Lansbury


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We all love our kids. At the same time, we all have those moments when they drive us crazy. Sometimes, they don’t listen or become defiant. They have meltdowns and throw tantrums that can get on our last nerve.

But babies, toddlers, and children see the world through different eyes. They depend on us for everything and look to us to guide them. How can we teach and discipline them while being more patient and understanding parents?

Today’s guest is Janet Lansbury. She's a well-known parenting expert, the host of the Unruffled Podcast, and the author of No Bad Kids.

Janet is going to talk to us about what our kids are trying to communicate with their behavior, why we should back off when they explore during play, and how we can best help them to learn and develop without frustration.

This show is a revelation for parents of kids of all ages. Don't miss it!

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