Parenting Your ADHD Kid with Confidence with Angela Pruess


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Parenting is always a challenge. We are not given a manual when our kid is born. Parents whose kids have ADHD are even more unprepared. The Dad Edge constantly receives emails from dads who are struggling with their ADHD son or daughter. Most feel frustrated and helpless. They don’t enjoy parenting, and their kids can sense that. But there is hope for ADHD parents. All we need is the right skillset.

Angela Pruess is a licensed family therapist with a background in Child Psychology, Child Development, and Play Therapy. She is the founder of Parents with Confidence and also the mother of three children, two having special needs.

Angela explains the 3 different types of ADHD and the best way to manage each one. She talks about how to create an environment that encourages emotional intelligence and a growth mindset. She also tells us how to develop and leverage our parent-child connection, understand the true motivation behind our child’s behavior, and discipline our children without causing emotional damage.

Empower yourself to grow emotionally resilient ADHD kids who will live their best lives!

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