What to Expect When You Go Alcohol-Free


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Are you concerned about your alcohol intake?

It's the peak season for drinking. Many guys waking up with a nasty hangover will wonder what it would be like to give up alcohol for awhile.

But we worry.

Wouldn't it be boring? What would our friends think? How would we relax at the end of the day?

Today we have everyday dad and Dad Edge Alliance member, Darren Bellew on the show. After 35 years of drinking, he decided to try a 30-day detox. Once he reached that milestone, Darren experienced the benefits of being alcohol-free and just kept going.

More than a year later, Darren is still alcohol-free. Instead of feeling deprived, he has more energy, more time, better performance, and a deeper connection with his family. Darren has built a better relationship with himself, learning to solve his problems rather than putting them off by drinking.

If you're thinking of taking a break from the beer and the booze in 2020, this episode will help you understand what to expect when you go alcohol-free!

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