Your Values: Defining, Planning, and Taking Action


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Our journey in life is not linear. It’s unpredictable. We might be okay when things are going our way, but what happens when we face adversity? How can we know the next right thing to do? How do we pivot and act with grace when we are tested?

A legendary life is about your values—not only knowing what they are, but also defining, planning, and taking action.

Today we have long-time mastermind member, Judd. He joined The Dad Edge Alliance when his marriage was in trouble. He was so programed to avoid confrontation that he didn’t know who he was or what he wanted anymore. He was making his decisions based on others’ expectations and living a life that wasn’t his own.

Judd finally got real and faced the truth. He stopped the lies he was telling himself and looked deep inside to discover what mattered most to him.

Today, Judd lives according to his values. He knows who he is and what he stands for, no matter what happens.

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