Neil Diamond remakes ‘Sweet Caroline’ for coronavirus pandemic: Finding new ways to be the church


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Neil Diamond recorded “Sweet Caroline” in 1969. The song sold more than one million singles and has been digitally downloaded more than two million times. It was selected by the Library of Congress in 2019 for preservation in the National Recording Registry.

However, the song has never been as appropriate or encouraging as it is today. Diamond rerecorded the song from his home and released it on Twitter, changing the lyrics to say, “Hands . . . washing hands . . . reaching out . . . don’t touch me, I won’t touch you!”

As I have written often in recent weeks, the coronavirus pandemic is a crisis unprecedented in my lifetime. It therefore represents an unprecedented opportunity for God’s people to advance his kingdom in our broken world.

Let’s consider some ways our secular culture is serving others that Christians could adapt in these critical days.

NOTE: Dr. Denison will publish a special edition Daily Article podcast episode each weekday afternoon as we look at a breaking news story in the context of biblical encouragements to “fear not.” In these days, it is vital that we fight fear with faith. The Denison Forum prays these Special Editions will be a source of biblical hope for you.


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