#660 - The 1 Viewpoint Most People Hate To Accept


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Hey everyone. This is Kirk here again from Option Alpha and welcome back to the daily call. Today, we’re going to be talking about the one viewpoint that most people hate to accept. Myself included, we all hate to actually accept this viewpoint, but it’s really, really important and I think today’s podcast is one that hopefully should kind of hit you right in the gut to some degree because I’m going to try to be as blunt as possible not only to you, but to myself because I think about this and I read this over and over. This is part of my kind of daily routine of reading some of these mindset things and this one always hits me. I mean, always, like literally, when I read some of this stuff, I stop and I think to myself, “Man, that’s so powerful, so important.” It could be so easy just to dismiss what we’re talking about here and chalk up your successes and failures and everything to something else or some outside factor of circumstance, but it’s really not. Here’s the deal, right? In this world, the reality is the most committed person wins. Someone can fail many times, but they’re not a failure until they begin to blame someone else and that’s really the end result. You don’t fail until you stop doing what you’re doing or trying and blame someone else. At that point, you have failed. If you never get to that point, you’re never going to fail and you’re going to be the most committed person. But there’s one viewpoint that most people really hate to accept and it’s that everything you have or you don’t have or you ever will have in your life, is because of the choices that you make. Now, we all hear this all the time, right? We all hear, “Oh, our choices are so important.” But really, think about this for a second. Everything you have or don’t have or ever will have is because of the choices you make. The quality of your life or its lack of quality is simply a function of your choice. At some point, you made a choice, good, bad or indifferent, to move in the direction that you’re moving right now and that means… This is like to me, the light at the end of the tunnel, is that you can make the choice to move back.

What’s cool about being a human, in all honesty, is that we have the ability to self-recognize where we’re going and to make conscious decisions to change our mindset. Animals don’t have this ability. They don’t have the ability to say, “I do not want to be a bear today. I would like to be something else.” But as humans, we have this choice. And so, we’ve potentially made all these choices whether we know them consciously or subconsciously to get us to this point. And what’s cool is that if you think that your quality of life could be improved or you could do something better, it’s simply just a matter of choice to redirect the ship. Now, I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but it’s literally a decision that you have to make to do something different and you have to rewire your brain into building new habits and new routines. And so, look. This is all about taking personal responsibly for what you do, especially in trading. In trading, you’re your own commander in chief, right? You’re the person that’s making the decisions, you’re doing your own position-sizing, you know you can’t predict the market, you know you can’t control what Trump tweets or what Trump doesn’t tweet or what the FED says or what they don’t say. You know you can’t control that stuff, so don’t blame anybody else when some of those functions that you know could potentially harm you, end up coming back to bite you in the end, right? You have to take responsibly for what you do and it’s also how you respond to other people’s actions towards you. You can’t control what other people say and you definitely can’t control what other people do or how they react to you, but you can control your reaction to them or your inaction to them. You can choose to dismiss them and ignore them if you don’t value their opinions and move on with what you’re intending to do. Hopefully this helps out. Like I said, this one, like when I read my daily kind of routines in mindset and kind of quotes and things like this, this one always just makes me pause just for an extra second, just thinking, “Man, it’s really everything I have, is because of the choices I make, because I choose to do this versus that or I choose to do X versus Y.” And that’s really powerful because that means in the future, if I want to change the ship and move in a different direction, it’s just about changing my choices. Hopefully this helps out. As always, if you have any questions, let me know and until next time, happy trading.

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