Americans Are Skeptical of Aliens but Still Think the Government Is Hiding Something


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Aliens have been in the news a lot recently! An internet campaign to “Storm Area 51” has been getting a lot of press and the Navy just confirmed the authenticity of declassified videos that show “unidentified aerial phenomenon.” Lydia Saad, researcher at Gallup, joins us to discuss their latest survey on Americans thoughts on UFOs. Most Americans are skeptical, but say that the government knows more than they are letting on.

Next, vaping related lung illnesses continue to surge as the FDA has disclosed that its enforcement arm is conducting a parallel investigation with the one led by the CDC. Officials now say that at least 530 people in 38 states have fallen ill due to vaping. While the ultimate cause is still unknown, the focus seems to be on black market vaping products. Lena Sun, reporter for the Washington Post, joins us for more.

Finally, a whistleblower complaint has triggered a tense showdown between Congress and the intelligence community. The complaint involves President Trump’s communications with a foreign leader and an alleged “promise” that he made. Caitlin Oprysko, reporter at Politico, joins us for more on this whistleblower allegation that was deemed a credible and “urgent concern” by the Inspector General of the intelligence community.

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