Public Impeachment Hearings and Why You Shouldn't Always Trust the Breathalyzer


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The next phase in the impeachment inquiry starts this Wednesday as televised hearings will feature diplomats that have already testified behind closed doors. First up is the top diplomat in Ukraine, William Taylor. Taylor was upset that security aid to Ukraine was held up for political reasons. Ginger Gibson, political reporter for Reuters, joins us for what to expect from the hearings, GOP defenses to Trump, and whether Michael Bloomberg will run for president.

Next, a million Americans are arrested every year for drunken driving, and in many cases, the breathalyzer test is what seals the deal. But a recent NY Times investigation has found that these devices can give skewed results because of human error or because the devices haven’t been properly calibrated. There have been so many errors that judges in Massachusetts and New Jersey have thrown out more than 30,000 breath tests in the past 12 months alone. Stacy Cowley, reporter for the NY Times, joins us for why we can’t always trust the breathalyzer test.

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