Reopening Schools: Some Districts Stick With Online Learning in the Fall


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The reopening of schools in the fall continues to be a contentious discussion with some committed to on-campus instruction and others only online. Los Angeles, San Diego, and Atlanta, three of the nation’s largest school districts, said this week that they will begin the new school year online and bring students back later in the year. Illustrating the divide in California, the Orange County Board of Education voted to support the return to school without social distancing or masks. Laura Meckler, national education reporter at the Washington Post, joins us for more.

Next, as President Trump continues the push to reopen schools, the CDC wants to take a more cautious approach. A CDC document on its guidelines was leaked and it recommends that schools be prepared to shut down for several days if a person carrying the virus was in a school building, they should have multiple means of social distancing and limits on out-of-classroom activities. As with many things these days however, there seems to be a disconnect between policy and science. John Timmer, senior editor at Ars Technica, joins us for the CDC’s approach to reopening schools.

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