Soldiers Ordered to Download App They Say Could Endanger Them


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Soldiers in an intelligence unit with top-secret clearances were ordered by their commander to download an app they say could endanger them. The soldiers were concerned that the apps permissions allowed it to collect substantial amounts of personal data which caused concern that a hack could put individuals and missions at risk. Alex Horton, reporter for the Washington Post, joins us for more.

Next, a split Supreme Court looks like it could be ready to let President Trump end the DACA program. The two issues at hand are whether the courts have power to second guess Trump’s action and if the repeal itself was lawful. All eyes were on Chief Justice John Roberts as the potential swing vote, but the decision will not come until next spring. Bianca Quilantan, higher education reporter at Politico joins us for the fate of the Dreamers.

Finally, Disney+ launched Tuesday to some technical difficulties. Some were not able to access the service after paying for it, others could not access certain Star Wars titles, and others experienced long load times. But despite these initial hiccups, Disney+ has the potential to be a real contender with new programming and tons backlog titles from Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and the Disney Vault. My producer Victor Wright, joins us for what to expect from the new streamer.

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