Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh Faces Another Allegation of Sexual Misconduct


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Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was accused of another sexual misconduct allegation over the weekend which was reported to the FBI during his confirmation process, but was not investigated. Ginger Gibson, political reporter for Reuters, joins us to discuss the new allegation, who came out on top from the last Democratic debate, and a new report that says Border Patrol agents are suffering from a crisis in morale, this comes after facing a severe backlash for enforcing President Trump’s immigration policies.

Next, many of the suspects in recent mass shootings have posted to hate-filled online forums such as 8chan. Manifestos are posted there, where people share them, discuss, and get inspiration to commit other attacks. Large numbers of fatalities are even celebrated as "high scores." The difficulty for law enforcement in getting a handle on this is that posts are often anonymous, and when a site gets shut down, people just move on to the next one. Georgia Wells, reporter for the WSJ, joins us for more on the online world where mass shooters thrive.

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