Unemployment Benefit Delays and California Testing Failures


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The reopening of America has not been going so well just yet. While some gains have been made, a resurgence of cases and delays in unemployment benefits have continued to push people to the edge. There are issues with fraud and user confusion, long waits to process jobless applications, and outdated computer systems used by unemployment offices. Eli Rosenberg, work and labor reporter at the Washington Post, joins us for more.

Next, California is largely closing again amid a rise in coronavirus cases. Gov. Gavin Newsom has ordered once again, the closure of indoor dining and limits on gyms, churches, hair salons and other businesses. And as cases go up, testing continues to be a problem to get under control. From the very beginning of the pandemic, the state fell behind and has been struggling to keep up. There was problems with current infrastructure, supply shortages, and it led to difficulties in contact tracing too. Emily Baumgaertner, reporter at The LA Times, joins us for California’s failure at mass testing.

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