Vitamin E Acetate Might Be the Culprit in Vaping Related Illnesses


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A “potential chemical of concern” has emerged from the outbreak of vaping related lung illnesses. The CDC has identified Vitamin E acetate as the potential culprit after finding it in the lung fluid of 29 samples from across 10 states. Vitamin E acetate can be grease-like or sticky and can cling to lung tissue. Emma Ockerman, reporter for Vice News, joins us for the latest.

Next, there is an anti-California sentiment growing in Boise, Idaho. Californians are leaving the state because of high taxes and housing affordability, and settling in places like Boise. But as Boise is experiencing a growth spurt, they are angry at Californians for pushing home prices higher, adding to traffic, and limiting opportunities for locals. Maria La Ganga, reporter for the LA Times, joins us for why there is so much hostility.

Finally, the struggle is real for some men to grow a beard. And in order for some guys to get that perfect look, they are faking it. Sometimes beards don’t grow in as fast as you might like, hair comes in patchy or in weird colors, so some guys are faking it with bread sprays, beard transplants, and even vitamin infused gummies that are supposed to promote hair growth. Ray Smith, style reporter for the WSJ, joins us for more.

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