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Dan Ilic - Journalist, comedian and filmmaker
Dan is one of the most prominent voices in the Australian media landscape. Working alongside Andrew Denton, Dan hosted ABC's hit satirical comedy program, Hungry Beast.
Dan has also worked at Al Jazeera as a senior satire producer, as well as being the executive producer of satire for Fusion Media Group, and the executive producer on ABC's comedy sketch show Tonightly.
Recently, Dan has brought back his former ABC Radio National show, A Rational Fear in a podcast and live show format, featuring guests like Kate McClymont, Ben Fordham, Alice Workman, Ray Martin, and Lewis Hobba.

On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss:
- Hungry Beast and the audition process
- Working with people that challenge you
- Dan's stint at Al Jazeera
- The difference between Australian and US politics
- Working in a team
- Meeting Brad Blanks
- Being the first to break the story of Heath Ledger's death
- Shallow journalism
- Differences between the Australian and US media markets
- Dan's favourite medium
- Dan's new audio sitcom for Audible
Dan Ilic on Twitter: https://twitter.com/danilic
Dan's website: http://www.danilic.com/
A Rational Fear: https://www.facebook.com/ARationalFear/
Thanks to Ovolo Hotels for helping us set up a temporary studio while we were up in Sydney: https://ovolohotels.com.au/
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