Apocalypse 2050, PUNK’D? Again? 6.5.19


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In episode 406, Jack and Miles are joined by poet Melissa Lozada-Oliva to discuss Ivanka and John Bolton being booed in the UK, if internet shutdowns are safe, Nancy Pelosi playing 9-D chess, if town halls are helping the 2020 presidential candidates, MTV bringing back Singled Out and Punk'd, a new study about the end of civilization due to climate change, concerning YouTube algorithms, and more!
1. The most interesting moment of the Trump-May news conference happened before it began
2. Internet shutdowns don't make anyone safer
3. Nancy Pelosi Is Smart, Part 895
4. Are all of these town halls actually making any difference in 2020 polling?
5. MTV Is Rebooting Punk'd and Singled Out
6. Quibi: The next Go90, or streaming unicorn?
7. New Report Suggests ‘High Likelihood of Human Civilization Coming to an End’ in 2050
8. This graphic explains why 2 degrees of global warming will be way worse than 1.5
9. Framing Climate Change as a 'National Security Threat' Is Dangerous
10. On YouTube’s Digital Playground, an Open Gate for Pedophiles
11. WATCH: Shy Girls - Drain
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