2020 Food Trends, Goop TV 1.7.20


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In episode 543, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Marcella Arguello to discuss food trends of 2020, Nancy Pelosi planning a vote on a war power resolution, Trump's unclear Iran strategy, John Bolton planning on testifying if he is subpoenaed, a coalition of congress asking Supreme Court to reconsider Roe v. Wade, military leaders threatening Russian oligarchs, Goop getting a Netflix show, the Golden Globes, a palm reader's scam, and more!


  1. The hottest food trends of 2020, or chicken sandwiches are soooo last year
  2. Pelosi plans war powers resolution over Iran. Here’s how Congress could limit Trump
  3. What Is Trump’s Iran Strategy? Few Seem to Know
  4. For Trump, the Burden May Be Proving This Is Not the Moment His Critics Predicted
  5. Defenders of History Take Aim at Trump’s Threat to Strike Iran’s Cultural Sites
  6. Bolton Will Testify In The Senate Impeachment Trial If Subpoenaed
  7. Here Are the 207 Members of Congress Who Just Asked SCOTUS to Consider Overruling Roe v. Wade
  8. U.S. Cybercom contemplates information warfare to counter Russian interference in 2020 election
  9. Goop Crawls Into a Vagina to Promote New Netflix Show
  10. WATCH: the goop lab with Gwyneth Paltrow | Trailer | Netflix
  11. The Goop Lab Trailer: It’s Dangerous, It’s Unregulated, and It’s Gwyneth Paltrow
  12. Goop has a Netflix deal – this is a dangerous win for pseudoscience
  13. Golden Globes: 15 things to know, from ‘The Irishman’ shutout to that racy Obama joke
  14. Somerset Police Arrest and Charge Palm Reader with Stealing Over $70,000 from Client
  15. Daily Zeitgeist at SF SKETCHFEST tickets
  16. WATCH: Sade - By Your Side (CottonBelly Remix)

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