Joe Rogan Is NOT a Doctor?? Trump’s Weird 9/11 Plans 9.9.21


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In episode 985, Jack and Miles are joined by writer Dave Schilling to discuss the GOP January 6th probe, Joe Rogan shilling for Ivermectin, Trump doing commentary on a 9/11 right, Andre 3000 wanting to be left out of the Kanye/Drake beef, and more!


  1. GOP’s Promised Jan. 6 Probe Has One Problem: No One Wants It
  2. Joe Rogan Is Back From COVID and Shilling for Ivermectin Now
  3. Trump to offer commentary at heavyweight fight on 9/11
  4. André 3000 doesn't appreciate getting dragged into this dumb Drake/Kanye feud
  5. LISTEN: El Michels Affair - Masterclass

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