Warren’s War On Debt, Soft Boyzzz 4.23.19


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In episode 376, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian and V Single podcast co-host Alison Stevenson to discuss Beyonce's Netflix deal, the world's most hacked passwords, which celebrity donated to which presidential candidate, the Mueller Report hurting Trump's poll numbers, Elizabeth Warren's plan to cancel student loan debt, George Zimmerman using an alias on Tinder, saying goodbye to Game Of Thrones, and more!
1. Beyonce’s Netflix Deal Worth a Whopping $60 Million (EXCLUSIVE)
2. World's most hacked passwords revealed — avoid these words like the plague
3. Can You Match These Celebrity Donors to the Primary Candidate They’re Supporting?
4. Early polls show Trump hurt by Mueller report as media vindicated by its findings
5. Warren’s student loan debt cancellation plan aims to help the most vulnerable
6. I’m calling for something truly transformational: Universal free public college and cancellation of student loan debt
7. George Zimmerman is now using a fake alias on Tinder
8. WATCH: The Internet - Beat Goes On (Official Audio)
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