Worst Star Wars Ever? Trump Dealing Well With This 12.19.19


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In episode 539, Jack and special guest host Caitlin Durante are joined by comedian and hip hop artist Open Mike Eagle to discuss the new Star Wars film reviews, Trump's unhinged letter to Nancy Pelosi, voter purging in Wisconsin and Georgia, Iowa homeowner painting swastikas and Confederate flags on his house, the movie CATS, Survivor's #MeToo incident, and more!


  1. Review: ‘Rise Of Skywalker’ Is The Worst ‘Star Wars’ Movie Ever
  2. House nears impeachment as Trump decries ‘vicious crusade’
  3. The 30 most blistering lines from Donald Trump's unhinged letter to Nancy Pelosi
  4. A judge ordered up to 234,000 people to be tossed from the registered voter list in a swing state
  5. Judge allows Georgia to purge 309K voter registrations overnight
  6. Iowa homeowner says swastikas, Confederate flags are not racist
  7. Cats looks mighty weird, but that’s why TS Eliot would have approved
  8. FYI, Even Furries Think The “Cats” Trailer Looks Bad
  9. Feline confident? Cats' last-minute dash to the cinema
  11. CBS Belatedly Introduces New Steps for Reporting Sexual Harassment on Survivor
  12. One ‘Survivor’ contestant accused another of sexual harassment. The alleged victim was voted off.
  13. The Upsetting ‘Survivor’ Sexual Harassment Episode Is Reality TV at Its Most Real
  14. 'Survivor' Dives Into #MeToo Debate with Claims Against Hollywood Talent Manager
  15. Female ‘Survivor’ Contestants Apologize After #MeToo Backlash
  16. See DAILY ZEITGEIST at SF SKETCHFEST! Tickets here!
  17. WATCH: Open Mike Eagle - Very Much Money (Ice King Dream)

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