YOU’VE BEEN DRAFTED LOL! QAnon But Star Wars 1.9.20


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In episode 545, Miles and special guest host Jamie Loftus are joined by comedian and co-host of the Black Men Can't Jump podcast Jonathan Braylock to discuss influencer Emma Chamberlain's thoughts on influencing, updates on the US and Iran tensions, scam texts going out telling people they've been drafted, updates on the impeachment trial, how the Democratic candidates are doing, a NY GOPer blaming his wife for his DUI, a pizza ATM, Oscar Mayer hiring, the JJ cut of Star Wars, and more!


  1. 'Influencer' Is a 'Disgusting' Word, Says Extremely Influential Influencer
  2. Are You Cool Enough to Know Who Our February Cover Star Is?
  3. Iran Fires on U.S. Forces at 2 Bases in Iraq, Calling It ‘Fierce Revenge’
  4. Watch Full Video: Trump’s Address on Iran
  5. Texts telling people they’ve just been drafted into the Army are fake, officials say
  6. Pelosi Unmoved By McConnell’s Announcement On Having Votes For Senate Trial Sans Witnesses
  7. Warren Fundraising Drops, Lagging Behind Other Top Candidates
  8. Every American family basically pays an $8,000 ‘poll tax’ under the U.S. health system, top economists say
  9. NY GOPer Arrested For DUI Allegedly Blamed Wife For Crash: ‘You Know How Women Drive’
  10. University installs pizza ATM
  11. Oscar Mayer has a way with H-I-R-I-N-G D-R-I-V-E-R-S
  12. Star Wars Fans Think There's a Secret, Three-Hour J.J. Abrams Cut of The Rise of Skywalker
  13. Here's what I've been told from a source that worked on TROS.
  14. “Release the JJ cut”: the Star Wars conspiracy that offers fans an impossible fantasy
  15. The alleged 'Rise of Skywalker' J.J. Abrams cut is "bullshit." Here's why.
  16. TICKETS for Daily Zeitgeist at SF Sketchfest
  17. WATCH: Darondo - Didn't I (Official Audio)

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