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Trump wanted a moat with snakes and alligators at the border and sought to shoot crossing migrants in the legs to slow them down. Imam Malik Mujahid LIVE on how Democratic candidates should be approaching key foreign policy issues, such as the detention of millions of Muslim Uighurs in China and the Kashmir Crisis; as well as on remembering Jamal Khashoggi exactly 1 year since his murder. Trump and the right-wing aren't handling impeachment very well, made clear by their ramped up threats of civil war and the unveiling of their new talking point: it's a coup! Geraldo Rivera thanks Hannity for his propaganda helping to make the difference between Trump and Nixon, while Fox & Friends are simply very confused. Bernie's 'no more billionaires' statement is purposefully misunderstood by Blackstone CEO and more. Giuliani tells reporter he's seeking to sue...'The Swamp'?

Cohost: Jayar Jackson

Guest: Malik Mujahid

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