Tears For Fears


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Trump got scared before his little outing yesterday so he made DC police attack peaceful protesters. Trump then self-proclaimed himself an “ally of all peaceful protesters” while literally tear-gassing a priest to clear the way for his beta male Bible photo sesh. The right-wing falls over themselves praising Trump for the photo op. An independent autopsy report examining George Floyd’s murder confirms exactly what we all saw with our own eyes, and entirely conflicts with the county medical examiner’s original claims. Emma is accused of being an Antifa "terrorist" by the right-wing -- all the while, we find out white nationalists were behind the "official" national Antifa Twitter account all along. Biden speaks out on the current unrest taking place nationwide. If you don’t like looting, wait until you hear about the IRS. Marc Porter Magee LIVE on the challenges of re-opening schools and how Betsy DeVos and Trump are yet again seeking to screw over 99% of students in the country.

Guest: Marc Porter Magee

Co-host: Emma Vigeland

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