Episode 142 - Frank Dietz + Rico Anderson in "It's the Great Spaghetti Squash, Eddie Poe!"


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Good Gravy... Again! On December 4th Eddie Poe and his morose little friends are back in this long anticipated sequel, "It's the Great Spaghetti Squash, Eddie Poe!" A brand new cross-stream production between Damn Dirty Geeks and The Revival League, this radio play picks up where the critically-acclaimed "It's a Telltale Valentine, Eddie Poe!" left off. It's Thanks-O-Ween Time, and terror is in the air! Convinced he is being stalked by the Great Spaghetti Squash, a demonic gourd who slays insincere children, Lionel invites his estranged best friend Eddie Poe and the rest of the gang to a Thanks-O-Ween feast at the fabled House of Van Schmeldt. But when the gang begins to disappear one by one within the crumbling ruin, Eddie Poe and Lionel must put their differences aside if they hope to survive the night and discover the secret behind the curse of the Van Schmeldts. "It's the Great Spaghetti Squash, Eddie Poe!" is a parody based upon the works of Charles M. Schulz and Edgar Allan Poe. Written by Erica Rodriguez, Greg Tally, and Robb Maynard. Directed by Frank Dietz and The Revival League. Featuring the vocal talents of Greg Tally, Ron McAdams, Liane Abel Dietz, Trish Geiger, Jennifer Lynn Warren, Rico E. Anderson, Tim Blaney, Caroline Tally, Ryan Smith, Robb Maynard, and Frank Dietz as Edgar Allan Poe. Promotional Artwork by Daniel Vincent Bigelow. (This podcast does not represent Alternaversal, Shout Factory or the Kickstarter campaign in any official capacity). EDITOR’S NOTE: In June 2019, this podcast merged with the Damn Dirty Geeks Podcast and became The Damn Dirty Drive-in. These are our classic back catalog episodes, dating back to March 2016. Please enjoy! The new Drive-In podcast opens for business with original sketches, movie discussions, interviews, weird food tastings and more at Episode 168.

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