Skill Stacking: These 5 Skills Increase Your Odds Of Career Success


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One of the best strategies to build a career is to acquire valuable skills. I learned about this concept from How To Fail At Almost Everything and Still Win Big by Scott Adams. He calls this concept Talent Stacking (I don’t like the word talent because it implies nature, I prefer skill because it implies nurture), and writes: “Successwise, you’re better off being good at two complementary skills than being excellent at one.” You simply have more chance of career success if you have more skills. Think about it. If you’re a one-trick pony, your opportunities are limited. But if you have multiple skills, you’re simply more valuable. And that’s what career success is ultimately about. It comes down to value. How much value can you give to people or organizations? “What Skills Will Make Me More Valuable?” 1. Productivity—My whole blog’s focus is on productivity for one reason: When you’re a person who can get shit done, you will always find a way. With solid productivity skills, you can learn anything. That’s why I think it’s the first thing we must learn because it makes developing all the other skills a lot easier. Put simply: Productivity is the mother of all skills. 2. Writing—The ability to translate your thoughts into words makes it easier to do our job. When you write in a clear and simple way, you can express yourself like very few people can. 3. Psychology—A basic understanding of why we do what we do can help us to understand ourselves and others. You don’t have to become a therapist. As long as you know the basics of psychology, you’re better at dealing with other people; and yourself. 4. Persuasion—This is the art and science of communicating in a way that resonates with people. When we’re good at persuasion, we are better at leadership, sales, holding conversations, public speaking, at anything else that requires influencing others. Influence is more about effective communication than anything else. 5. Personal Finance—We often don’t think about managing our money. But when we get closer to retirement, we think, “Why didn’t I start earlier.” The time to start managing your personal finance is NOW.  Thanks for checking out this episode! Get my eBook “Six Figure Pitching” for free. In the book, I share my 7 best email templates that you can use to increase your conversions, get published in top publication, and improve your email open rates. Get the book here: ----------- Connect With Me Website: Podcast: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:

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