The 20/80 Rule Of Effective Thinking


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How much time should I spend thinking instead of doing? It’s one of the biggest questions I struggle with. One side of me says “without doing you will never achieve anything.” Another side says “without thinking things through, you might end up doing the wrong things.” Thinking by itself is worthless because if you never do anything, what’s the use? And if you only act without thinking, you probably end up in jail or in a ditch. That's why this topic is so important. But most of us never even consider living by a thinking/doing ratio. I live by what I call “the 20/80 rule of effective thinking.” I think for most professionals in today’s age, that ratio of thinking vs doing is sufficient. Even though I'm a natural thinker, I need to remind myself to execute more than I think. Again, it’s not the ratio that counts, it’s the quality of your thinking. And ultimately, the quality of your thinking impacts the outcomes you achieve. Remember that poor outcomes in life are excusable but poor thinking and decision-making are not. How To Keep An Activity Log (article I talked about in the video): Read more about Warren Buffett in Snowball by Alice Schroeder: ----------- Thanks for listening! P.S. Don’t have time to read books? Try Blinkist, my favorite accelerated learning app, for FREE: I use this app every day to learn something new. They create quality summaries of top non-fiction books. Do you want to get my best productivity tips for free? I’ve made an eBook with 5 tips, exercises, and video training, that you can use to get immediate results. Curious? Get the book here: ----------- Connect With Me Newsletter: YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:

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