Why I Love An Empty Calendar (Sometimes)


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What’s the purpose of productivity, doing work, and getting things done? Some people think it’s only about the rewards. I’m not that type. I enjoy the process of doing work. But only if it’s useful work. And to do useful work, I need to be organized. However, there are times that I use an empty calendar to maximize my output. On this episode, I talk about why that is. P.S. Don’t have time to read books? Try Blinkist, my favorite accelerated learning app, for FREE: https://blinkist.com/darius I use this app every day to learn something new. They create quality summaries of top non-fiction books. Read about how I use Blinkist here: https://dariusforoux.com/this-accelerated-learning-app-will-change-your-life/ Want to get my free newsletter? Join here: http://dariusforoux.com

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