The Bachelor 2019 Finale Recap with man panelist Chris Gillis - Ignoring the Red Flags: What Hannah B. taught us all about how we can avoid heartache and save time by filtering out the wrong guys faster.


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Marni welcomes Bachelor Nation’s Fanclub’s Rookie of the Year, Chris Gillis back to the Den to break down the Season Finale of The Bachelorette 2019. For all of you ladies out there, there are some important lessons to be learned from the episode.

Key Takeaways:

  • The importance of being a direct, honest communicator.
  • Why smart, beautiful, strong women still succumb to the devious wiles of their bad picker.
  • How to break up with a guy without disrespecting him.
  • Why it’s time to move past old-timey beliefs about male and female roles.
  • How to read a guy’s body language during a conversation.
  • Finding the courage to let someone go when they have done you wrong.

Bye, Bye Pilot Pete [2:51]

Pete seemed perfect. He is a gentleman. He has a stable job as a pilot and he was really into Hannah. So, why would she let him go? Marni and Chris discuss the possible reasons Hannah passed on what seemed to be a great opportunity.

  • Was he was too into her?
  • Is he a pacifist?
  • Was he too nice of a guy?

Jed and Tyler Meet the Parents [11:53]

It was obvious when Hannah’s parents met Jed they didn’t believe a singer/songwriter could financially provide for their daughter. Hannah, instead of stepping up to say what was important to her, immediately went into child mode and instead sought approval from her parents.

Takeaway: As an adult, you have the opportunity to decide what type of financial role you want your partner to play.

Unlike Jed, Tyler made an immediate connection to Hannah’s parents through his direct and thoughtful communication.

Hannah Chooses Jed [20:10]

In spite of all the turmoil, Hannah still chose Jed.

Marni’s take — It’s a good reminder to not take things personally. Hannah has an unhealthy picker. She gravitated toward someone who wasn't in it for her highest-interest.

During Hannah’s last date with Jed on the boat, we could all feel the tension between the two of them. If Hannah’s spidey-sense was tingling she chose to ignore it because she is attracted to unhealthy relationships.

When Hannah confronts Jed about a People magazine article stating that he had not yet broken up with his girlfriend before joining the show, he admits he has been dishonest with her. His comments and his body language were signaling that he was done.

Takeaway: When we are dating we don't ask enough questions and we just accept what a guy says without asking for clarity.

Tyler Gives it Another Shot [38:59]

After breaking up with Jed, Hannah asks Tyler out on a date. Tyler being the class act that he is, made a safe space for Hannah to regain her composure and femininity. He refused to manipulate her.

It exposes and reminds all of us that sometimes we have to let go of something and it takes courage.

Chris’s take — Hannah had a delectable smorgasbord in front of her and she still couldn't eat, she still went heart hungry.

Takeaway: In the end, a bad picker can get in the way of your finding your true partner. It’s important to learn how to attract the right guy into your life.

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