With Chris Gillis: Lessons From The Bachelor S24 Ep.2 — How to Know For Sure He is Over His Breakup


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The Bachelor is back! Marni and her favorite man-panelist, Chris Gillis break down Episode 2 to pull out all the juicy nuggets you need to know. Together, they translate the show’s drama into real-life dating and relationship scenarios that you can use in your life to make finding a high-quality guy easier.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Is your new guy over his ex?
  • Getting the attention of a high-quality man
  • How to manage conflict in a relationship
  • How to show a guy you are interested

How Do You Know if the Guy You Are Dating is Over His Ex? [1:48]

Attaining closure when a relationship ends is an important step in the process of moving on. If we truly want to move on we have to create space for a new person to occupy.

From the episode, Hannah B. shows up and talks to Peter about possibly getting back together even though he ended up being her third choice in The Bachelorette. Is he over her and ready to date other women?

Signs a guy isn’t over his ex:

  • He still hangs out with her.
  • He just wants the security, not necessarily a relationship with you.
  • Being in quiet personal quarters with his ex.

Peter asks Hannah 'Do you miss me or do you miss being in a relationship?’

It's a valid question. Chris doesn’t think Peter is emotionally available and over her yet. But, Peter says he’s not sure he knows how to get over someone.

Dos and Don'ts of Getting the Attention of a HIgh-Quality Gut [11:01]

The Bachelor demonstrates many different ways women try to get Peter’s attention. It’s not realistic that there will always be 30-women fighting for one guy. But, it does give a clear picture of how the women deal with adversity and failure.

For example, Victoria acts like a two-year-old when she doesn't get her way. It gets Peter's attention at first but it's not a good long term play.

Chris notes, the person you are going after will notice when things go awry. Men are constantly thinking about what if’s. We want to make sure our partner has the mental toughness and positive outlook to make it through the hard times.

For example, the champagne scene has a lot of drama. Hannah Ann - handled it well, she said I’m sorry. A little emotional maturity goes a long way.

If you want to circumvent drama, just say ok and let things go.

When Kelsey gets her champagne taken she sets herself up as a victim and she gives her power away to Hannah Ann.

Chris thinks the powerless, whiny victim act will turn Peter away. Managing conflict is one of the most important pieces in having a solid relationship.

Women of the Bachelor [26:05]

Chris and Marni have made brackets and picked who they think will win Peter’s heart. But, as each episode passes more and more aspects of the girl’s character will unfold.

Chris thinks Peter is smitten with Hannah Ann but thinks hottie, Alayah’s chances are good. Marni points out that Hannah Ann stirs up drama. He also thinks Madison the basketball player is badass and she is a winner. He also likes Madison because she is trying to get to know Peter instead of just being admired like Hannah Ann.

High-quality guys want women to think they are interested in them and to be curious about them. They are motivated by their egos.

Marni chose Hannah Ann to win but the drama is a red flag. She thinks Kelley will stick around and that she won’t get involved in the drama. She seems to have a high level of self-worth.

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