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In this energizing episode, Marni speaks with Dr. Ken Harris about the power of synchronicity and how you can use it to attract the one. Dr. Ken is an author, chiropractor, educator, lecturer, and founder of the Waldwick Wellness Center, an all-natural health and wellness center. Dr. Ken is a pioneer in holistic healing who has dedicated his whole life to the mind, body, spirit connection.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Why certain people come into your life
  • Why it’s important to talk to strangers
  • What information your gut is offering you
  • Why gratitude and appreciation bring more synchronicity to your life
  • The beauty of strong intentions
  • How to shift your internal conversation to aid your growth

What is Synchronicity? [2:39

Carl Yung defined synchronicity as meaningful coincidences. Dr. Ken says that it is not always easy to connect the dots when synchronistic events are happening but in retrospect you connect the dots and become aware of the connection. Those who are really tuned in may notice it extemporaneously.

Dr. Ken believes that everyone he meets is a teacher or guide for him. ‘God’ is in every person you encounter. They all have something to give you. If you want to increase the amount of synchronicity in your life talk to strangers. He says a stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet. Ladies, in dating, taking the time to meet more people is totally worth it.

Is it my gut leading me or is fear triggering me?

Dr. Ken says it doesn’t matter. If you have an emotional reaction to a person there is a piece of you that you have not loved yet that is being reflected back to you from that person. If you are triggered, ask yourself 'What part of me have I not loved yet?' Triggers are strong attractions or repulsions.

You will attract people into your life who can not give you what you need to make you learn it for yourself.

There are 7 Types of Synchronicity [9:24]

Dr. Ken shares three of the seven unique qualities of each synchronicity types from his book, Synchronicity: The Magic. The Mystery. The Meaning.

  1. Precursor Synchronicity — Could come from a dream or vision and then it manifests in your 3D world.
  2. Deviation Synchronicity — Is when there is a break in your normal routine for a reason you may not understand yet.
  3. Expansion Synchronicity — When you are ready to go to the next level in your life people are sent to you.

Dr. Ken says you have to be thankful, or have the spirit of thankfulness because if you are miserable you can miss the synchronicity happening around you. If you are frustrated, in victim mode, or doubting your dating life you may be blocking synchronicity.

When you have strong intentions it creates an electrical impulse. If you have elevated emotions connected to your thoughts, your emotions become magnetic . You create an electro-magnetic arc that emanates from your body that says - send me who I need to meet.

Daily practices to activate synchronicity:

  • Write down a minimum of three things you are thankful for
  • When in meditation let the conscious mind get fired up and send your messages into the quantum field

Synchronicity can be created by you and it can be, by grace, given to you.

Shifting and Changing Your Attitude to Be Open to Synchronicity [21:50]

When we love ourselves enough we know that it is a pleasure for others to meet us. When we feel good about ourselves we are open to the giving and receiving of information. Dr. Ken warns us to not believe your negative self-talk is telling you. Make sure your internal conversations assist with your growth. Your energy will eventually change.

The biggest misunderstanding of synchronicity is that people don't realize the importance of it. The educated mind will try to talk you out of it and make you believe there is no meaning in synchronicity, don't pay attention to it.

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