With Patricia Young: Dating Tips for Highly-Sensitive Women. Is this What is Getting in Your Way?


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Do you pick up on subtle clues others don’t seem to notice? Can you tell by someone’s facial expression what they are thinking? Have others asked you why you are so sensitive? If so, you may be a Highly-Sensitive Person or HSP.

Marni welcomes the Host of Unapologetically Sensitive, Patricia Young. She is a Highly-Sensitive Person who helps HSPs turn their perceived shortcomings into superpowers. She is passionate about educating them about the amazing gifts they have to offer via online coaching. Her work focuses on building communities, setting boundaries, and being mindful. During this episode, she offers tips for HSPs who are navigating the dating world or are in relationships.

Key Takeaways:

  • ● The four characteristics of an HSP
  • ● How an HSP can embrace their strengths
  • ● Dating as an HSP or dating an HSP
  • ● How to get clear on your core values
  • ● Seeing the red flags of Narcissism
  • ● Long-term relationships with an HSP
  • The Four Characteristics of a Highly-Sensitive Person [3:01]
  • Being a highly-sensitive person is more than being emotional or sensitive. If you feel like a misfit or a disruptor in your family, you may be an HSP. You may pick up on things that other people don't. Or track or pay attention to things other people don't.
  • Do you have these four traits? 18-20% of the population DOES.
  • ● Depth of processing
  • ● Overstimulation or over-arousal
  • ● Emotional responsiveness or Empathy
  • ● Sensitive subtleties
  • Introversion and highly-sensitive are not necessarily correlated but can overlap. Sensitivity is not always valued and often HSP’s bury it.
  • Dating and Relationships for HSPs [14:16]
  • If you are clear about what the values are that you want in a partner then you will embrace someone's sensitivity. It's not uncommon that the things we love about our partners are also the things that drive us crazy.
  • If you meet someone or have someone that is very compassionate and understanding they may not be assertive or alpha but they have strengths of a different nature. HSP’s can be healers, justice makers, or creatives.
  • Get clear on your core values!
  • We often pick partners that have a piece that helps us heal and we help them heal in areas we rub each other.
  • Beware —Narcissists are drawn to HSP's as they need someone to feed their ego. HSP's read other people and know what everyone else needs. If you know what the red flags of a narcissist are as soon as you see them say, ”I'm out of here”.
  • Make a list of what your ideal date would look like.
  • Tips for Highly-Sensitive People [19:43]
  • The longer HSP's are in environments that don't work for them the more they might get overstimulated. They may need a longer time to recharge. Often, they stretch beyond what is comfortable when they are trying to please others.
  • If an HSP has experienced trauma it can make them feel that they are not enough and not lovable. They may not like their sensitivity and feel as though their feelings run them all over the place. Therapy and coaching can help.
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