023: Who Not How with Dan Sullivan


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I’m very excited for today’s episode, as I’m speaking with my long-time friend and mentor of 20 years, Dan Sullivan. So much of what I’ve accomplished in my career, I owe to him.

Dan is the world’s foremost expert on entrepreneurship and has coached more successful entrepreneurs than anyone on the planet. He is the co-founder of Strategic Coach®, the leading entrepreneurial coaching program in the world, and author of more than 50 publications on entrepreneurial success. Over the past 30+ years, Strategic Coach has provided teaching and training to more than 20,000 entrepreneurs.

In today’s episode, we’re talking all about Dan’s new book, Who Not How: The Formula to Achieve Bigger Goals Through Accelerating Teamwork. If you want to learn the secret to how billionaires and successful entrepreneurs like Dan build incredible businesses and personal freedom, you won’t want to miss this conversation!

In this session, here’s what we cover:

  • A simple tool to uncover your unique ability and become the most productive, stress-free version of yourself.
  • The truth about procrastination and how to kill it.
  • The concept of Who Not How — your secret weapon to achieving your biggest goals and dreams in any area of life.
  • Why you need to stop asking “How can I do this?” and start asking “Who can do this for me?”
  • How Dan leveraged the knowledge and expertise of others to write a bestselling book, which only took up 45 hours of Dan’s time and earned $75,000 in the first four weeks!
  • How exactly do you find a WHO to help you achieve your HOW?
  • The Impact Filter — a transformational tool to improve your teamwork, communication, and results.
  • The power of creating “free-zones”— collaborations that 10x your results and are free of competition.
  • The lifetime extender — Dan’s plan for living to 156.

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